Todd PalmerHi, I’m Todd Palmer.

I cultivate personalities for your favorite local brands. Any start up can adopt a logo and corporate standards but my company, Virtual Farm Creative, delivers a combination of strategy and creative support to develop compelling brand stories, meaningful content and engaging conversations with the target audience. I am 24/7/365 focused on understanding client offerings and devising approaches for creating consumer action and reaching the client objectives of increased exposure, enhanced image, improved conversions, controlled expansion or dynamic growth. Every day I am conceptualizing the campaign, guiding and managing multiple projects, interfacing with clients and developing creative. As Creative Director with VFC, I have proven record of consistently persuading and educating target audiences and effectively communicating the client message, brand and position. My most notable achievement is the complete roster of satisfied small businesses whose success my team and I contribute to strategically and creatively, every single day. We bring big brand thinking and solutions to companies of all sizes.

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