Todd PalmerHi, I’m Todd Palmer.

I cultivate personalities for your favorite local brands. Any start up can adopt a logo and corporate standards but my company, Virtual Farm Creative, delivers a combination of strategy and creative support to develop compelling brand stories, meaningful content and engaging conversations with the target audience. I am 24/7/365 focused on understanding client offerings and devising approaches for creating consumer action and reaching the client objectives of increased exposure, enhanced image, improved conversions, controlled expansion or dynamic growth. Every day I am conceptualizing the campaign, guiding and managing multiple projects, interfacing with clients and developing creative. As Creative Director with VFC, I have proven record of consistently persuading and educating target audiences and effectively communicating the client message, brand and position. My most notable achievement is the complete roster of satisfied small businesses whose success my team and I contribute to strategically and creatively, every single day. We bring big brand thinking and solutions to companies of all sizes.

I live just outside of Phoenixville, PA and VFC’s studio is three miles closer to the amazing Borough whose revitalization we actively support. I’m married with two children, both of whom have milestone birthdays this year (21 and 16) while I will be turning 50. Interests are extremely diverse and, I believe, that contributes to a unique creative sensibility as well as a passion for intimately understanding the client offering whatever it may be. In my free time I enjoy art, music, reading, writing and people, but I’d rather be outside on an adventure.

You can reach me at:

Virtual Farm Creative
31A Ridge Road, Phoenixville. PA 19460

And now, the 12 Questions:

1. What kind of kid were you?

I could have been a character in Stand By Me.

2. What influences have shaped you?

Musicians, artists, writers, branding pioneers, popular culture, television but, more humorously, it is absolutely true that I always wanted to work in advertising because of nuances I gleaned from the work of Darren Stevens, Michael Steadman and Elliot Weston!

3. Ever done anything really dumb?

In business I am quite conservative while I may have made a bad decision or two in my personal life. But aren’t mistakes proof that you’re trying?

4. How’d you learn to do what you do?

The trenches… Nearly 30 years of combat branding experience. Degrees do not impart brainstorming on deadline, winging a pitch or multitasking like a madman.

5. What are you working on now?

At this moment, I took five minutes to answer 12 questions. In 2015, VFC is busier than we have ever been managing several events, product launches and start up brands, non-profit campaigns…all while maintaining traction for existing clients.

6. Walk us through a typical day at work.

I never leave work without an empty inbox and a draft schedule for the next day. When I get in at 8 the inbox is full and the schedule is out the window. VFC is a collaborative studio where we all wear a lot of hats and communicate constantly. VFC gets an insane amount of work done in a day but it is never typical.

7. Who do you love?

Everyone who agrees with me. I throw the word love around a lot but I think I generally do love most open-minded, tolerant, intelligent positive people.

8. What are you passionate about?

Simplifying processes.

9. What are you proudest of?

My daughter. Is that wrong to say? My son won’t be reading this, will he? I have never met anyone as naturally true as my daughter.

10. Describe a great night out.

Riding bikes in the woods.

11. So what’s next for you?

I am not done here yet and VFC’s best work is still ahead of us but I do envision the agency embracing a specialty and growing creatively in a different direction. We all enjoy the work a little bit more when we’re managing accounts whose offerings we are passionate about. Next I am going to focus on doing meaningful work that I am passionate about.

12. What will your epitaph say?

Way to end it on an up note! Probably something like, “Anything can happen, even this!”

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