Hi, I’m Harry Giglio.Harry Giglio

I make still images, videos and TV commercials for corporations, universities, magazines, ad agencies and organizations.

I’ve been selected to the Communication Arts Photography Annual twice, PDN and numerous other trade awards. Most importantly however, my clients reward me with continued assignments for years and become friends…this is my most rewarding accomplishment.

I have a large studio in Pittsburgh,Pa. but 85% of my assignments are on location.

I’m not really the type of person that that will go on and on about all the things I can do or what a great shooter I am. I figure you are all accomplished creatives and will see that in my work … or not. To be candid, I am the type of person that is much more interested in other folks as opposed to trying to get others interested in me.

You can contact me at www.harrygiglio.com or www.harrygiglioproductions.com.

And now, the 12 Questions:

1. What kind of kid were you?

I was a kid that always challenged the rules, helped anyone that was downtrodden and punched the bullies in the face.

2. What influences have shaped you?

The day i realized that the most important and powerful tool I have as a shooter is my personality.

3. Ever done anything really dumb?

No, even the very bad decisions taught me valuable lessons. Looking back i see that everything happened for a reason…to teach me… and I couldn’t have leaned life’s lessons any other way.

4. How’d you learn to do what you do?

My college training is in art and design. As far as shooting goes I learned that by looking at life around me and interpreting what I see and how I feel about it with a camera and lights. Over and over and over again…until it was worthy to show someone.

5. What are you working on now?

I just finished a portrait series on wounded veterans and presently I am beginning to start the prepro for 10 videos of accomplished alums from a prestigious business university.

6. Walk us through a typical day at work.

The only typical part of my day is drinking 3 or 4 cups of strong coffee. My days go where my assignments call me and by the needs of my clients.

7. Who do you love?

I love my wife, children, friends, family and the One that is the Lord of all.

8. What are you passionate about?

I can not tolerate abuse of any kind to people or animals. I try to find work that promotes that cause. Working with professional talent is nice but I am drawn to shooting non actors. I enjoy getting to know people, gain their trust, become their friend and guide them toward self expression on camera. People, their stories, their lives and their uniqueness fascinate me. I’ve learned that the I have the most success as a shooter and as a person by learning as much as I can about my subjects, clients and assignments. I strive to make images that show people what they don’t see.

9. What are you proudest of?

Never having to work for a living.

10. Describe a great night out.

Authentic Italian food, friends, good wine and getting home safely….and early.

11. So what’s next for you?

Finding more assignments that help people and benefit life. Using my abilities to tell stories in unique and emotional ways, make my clients look like heroes, and most importantly touch people and effect how they think and feel.

12. What will your epitaph say?

“I told you I was sick.”